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Valiente's father is a minor antagonist in Ferdinand. He is, as the name suggests, Valiente's father.

He is voiced by Bobby Cannavale.


Early Life

Valiente's father is first seen charging out of the barn with the other grown bulls. He enters the ring to fight Ferdinand's father, Raf while a young Ferdinand, Valiente, Bones, and Guapo watch. The matador ends up choosing Ferdinand's father; much to Valiente's father's irritation. When his son tries to cheer him up, he angrily replies: "Who asked you?"

He later sees Ferdinand witnessing the truck coming back without his father, meaning he was killed in the ring. He coldy tells him that his father was soft and that the soft ones always go down. Then, he tells his own son to start "bulling up" soon.

Physical Appearance

Valiente's father, much like his son, is a large, well built bull. His entire body is covered with brown fur, save for a darker nose, and he has tufts of tan fur on top of his head. His body is marred with various scars. Also, his snout and jaws are much more squarish in shape than Valiente's and he has darker eye rings but also often wears a fierce and stern expression on his face.


Valiente's father is harsh and arrogant like his son. This is likely where his son got his mean and boastful attitude.



Valiente's father has lots of strength, as shown when he fights Ferdinand's father in the ring despite losing in the end.



Valiente's father would angrily reply to his son ''WHO ASKED YOU?'' although he only tried to comfort him when saying he will be selected by the matador in the next fight. Valiente's father barely showed affection for his son, only anger.

Because of their bad relationship, Valiente, in his adult life, became aggressive and mean to others.


He sees Raf as a rival. When the truck came back and Ferdinand found out he was defeated, he would say that he was ’'soft'' and the soft ones always go down (Valiente repeats this later in the movie while challenging Ferdinand to a fight).


I called it. That bull was soft. And the soft ones always go down.
  —Upon seeing that Raf did not make it back [src]  


  • Not much is known as to what happened to Valiente's father after Ferdinand ran away from Casa del Toro and during those 2 years he grew up on a farm in Seville before being sent back to Casa del Toro after being mistaken for a dangerous beast by the villagers. However, it can be assumed that during such time over the years, Valiente's father died at some point but how, when, and why remains a mystery in the movie. It is possible that he was sent to the Chop House alongside the other fathers.
  • Valiente's father was voiced by Bobby Cannavale, who ironically also voiced his son later in the movie after he grew up.


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