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We do not speak of Tres.
  Una, as she, Dos, and Cuatro mourn over him [src]  

Tres is a hedgehog in Ferdinand and is the younger brother of Una, and Dos and older brother of Cuatro.


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Death and Reunion

At some point in their lives, Tres' siblings thought that he had passed away, leaving them heartbroken and unwilling to speak of him ever since.

However, at the end of the film, Una, Dos, Cuatro, and Tres reunite when he meets them as they are stealing food from Nina's house; much to their shock.

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Physical Appearance

Tres is only shown partially at the end of the movie. He appears to be a turquoise hedgehog that looks taller than his siblings. He also has purple feet and hands. Nothing else is known about him and how the rest of him looks is unknown.


  • Tres, in Spanish, means three. His siblings' names are also Spanish numbers, dos means two, cuatro means four and uno means one, which is close to the name Una.
  • It is unknown how Tres knew where to find his siblings at the end of the movie.
  • He is meant to be a joke character that is involved in a Spanish numbers pun.

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