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Spain is a country in Europe and is the main setting of Ferdinand [1].


One thing that I really wanted to do is to capture the palette of the world I’m trying to create.
  Carlos Saldanha [2]  

Director Carlos Saldanha expressed the difficulties he faced trying to capture the essence of Spanish culture as he is not from Spain. He wanted the story to take place in Spain as the warmer palette highlights the emptional side of the film which is focused on Ferdinand. He describes that Spain's palette was "more about the shades of reds and oranges and the earth tones, and [he] wanted it to feel rich that way". He gained inspiration from the original book, making the original landscapes much "lusher" so that "the colors and the environment are something that will stand apart and make it feel beautiful". [2] The vibrant and bold colors helped the audience feel the atmosphere and preserve the original cultural elements of Spain. [3]

He also remarked that there was a responsibility to portray Spanish culture in an accurate way, albeit less than in his other film, Rio, as Ferdinand was a "character that is universal" and could be found in any culture.

We tried to be as true as we could with the landmarks, and the way that people looked or dressed. We tried to be as close as we could to that kind of sentiment. I think in the end, if you know Spain, or if you’ve been to Spain, you probably will see yourself in that world. That’s what I wanted people to take out of it.
  —Saldanha [2]  

While he had the liberty of tweaking some elements for storytelling, he wanted to preserve the details, from the landscapes to the license plates, so that viewers were immersed in the culture and conducted extensive research. He consulted the advice and opinion of several Spaniards, who expressed awe at its accuracy and detail.



Bull Fighting

Bull fighting is one of the many practices in Spain and is heavily observed in the film.

Flamenco Dancing

Flamenco dancing is a traditional Spanish dance that was observed by several street dancers in the film.



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