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The Plaza de Toros is a bullring in Spain which appears in Ferdinand.


Physical Appearance

An enclosed arena with a pale brick orange exterior, the Plaza de Toros is situated in the heart of a dense city. The tall, open-air venue forms a ring and is adorned with numerous arched openings. Its façade consists of a larger arched vomitoriums between two masts and the frieze spells out 'Año 1929 Plaza de Toros'. There are numerous Spanish flags on masts on the façade and surrounding columns of the Plaza. The overall architecture is heavily influenced by Mudéjar architecture.

Ferdinand Bull Fighting Ring

The interior of the Plaza

Much like a Roman amphitheater, the interior of the ring is circular and surrounded by tiered seatings. The open space acts as the arena stage or rudeo for bullfights.


  • A Plaza de Toros, theoretically, refers to any bullring, instead of a specific one.
  • Though unspecified, the ring is quite possibly the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid, Spain, which is quite possible as it is located in Madrid in the movie.


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