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Peyton Manning is a former American football quaterback. He voiced Guapo in Ferdinand.

Role in Ferdinand

Manning was the voice actor for Guapo. Manning remarked that voicing Guapo was a lot of fun and was flattered when the creators approached him. [1]

Director Carlos Saldanha believes that Manning could portray the character with his confidence and own experience. When Manning asked Saldanha "why’d [he] want [him] to be this character", he told him, "Because I keep imagining you in your position, with all you have—the skills, the body, the mindset. Don’t you sometimes have anxiety before you get into a game? I want to tap into that side of you—how did you overcome that?" and he got it instantly.

About Ferdinand

It’s something that I kind of wanted to be a part of, just to be able to watch this film with my kids and to see them laugh knowing maybe that’s their dad up there, onscreen. That’s kind of a cool thing at this moment because of their age and because animated films are so popular with my kids and certainly a lot of kids their age. [1]

Manning also felt that it connected to him a lot as he has children and animated films had a huge appeal to them. [1]



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