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Nick Jonas is an American singer and songwriter who wrote Home and Watch Me for Ferdinand. He had starred in Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle.

Role in Ferdinand

We wrote this song about feeling accepted and feeling loved and wherever that place is for you, and for me it’s home, it’s my family, people I have closest to me; and the experiences we’ve shared. [1]

Jonas wrote the original song for the film, Home, with the theme of "acceptance". He worked with Justin Trantor and Nick Monson.

About Ferdinand

“I’ve always wanted to write an original song for a film, and when they showed me the materials of the movie, Ferdinand, a story I was familiar with, I was thrilled. Getting to work with [director] Carlos Saldanha, such an amazing director was really a great thing. [1]

Jonas describes the chance to write Home as a dream come true.


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