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Maria is a minor character in Ferdinand. She is a hen who is living on Juan's farm with Nina, her father Juan, Ferdinand, and Paco.


She only appears in one scene where Ferdinand attempts to shoot her into the sky to "put her wings to work" and ends up shooting her much higher, much to Paco's annoyance. When she doesn't appear, Ferdinand starts to panic and worry while shouting out to her. However she flies down, landing safety on her home which makes Ferdinand happy and relieved that she is safe.


Ferdinand (character)

Maria gets along very well with Ferdinand. She enjoys his company despite his huge size. Like Jorge the rooster, Maria only interacts with Ferdinand during one scene. A scene when he teaches her how to fly. Except he does it to her by shooting her too high into the air. When Maria doesn't come down Ferdinand starts to worry and panics by calling out to her. Luckily he is relieved when she safety lands on her home. She is happy that she can fly since no one never taught her before she met Ferdinand.


Not much is known about Maria's relationship with Paco. Although Paco did say that he spent the whole morning trying to herd her and the other chickens into their house.


  • Despite her being a hen, Ferdinand and Paco both call her a chicken.

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