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Sucks to be YOU!
  —Klaus, to Ferdinand [src]  

Klaus is a supporting antagonist in Ferdinand, until his Heel-Face Turn at the film's climax, and a stallion who is friends with Hans and Greta.

He is voiced by Boris Kodjoe.

Physical Appearance

Klaus' whole body

Klaus is a white stallion, whose fur is speckled lightly with a dusting of pale gray spots. He has a silver mane which is styled into a neat pompadour. He has blue eyes and a darker gray muzzle. Unlike Hans, Klaus appears to be larger in built. Much like the former, he is often seen which arched brows and a grin, making him look smug.


Much like the Hans and Greta, Klaus has a somewhat arrogant and elitist view about his breed. And he is also known as kooky, loquacious, aggravating, unthankful, self-absorbed, kinky, laid-back, assertive, unkind and shrewd. While not aggressively upfront about it like Hans, he often sides with them in mocking other animals and flaunting their appearance. Kodjoe claims that Klaus is a "bully horse".[1] Ironically enough, Klaus is the least loud mouthed out of the trio.




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