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Juan's Farm is where Juan and his daughter, Nina and their dog, Paco live in Ferdinand. It became Ferdinand's new home after Juan and Paco found him unconscious and took him in the night he ran away from Casa del Toro. Lupe and the other bulls, as well as the hedgehogs and Bunny were brought there at the end of the movie and now live there as well.

Physical Appearance

The farm is a house near Ronda surrounded by meadows where Juan and Nina grow their flowers, including the hill where the cork tree is.



The fields are used for growing flowers to sell to florist's. They are also used to grow fruits like oranges.

Chicken coop

The farm also has a hen house where chickens lay eggs.


The farm also has a barn where Ferdinand was put in after Juan found him unconscious the night he ran away from Casa del Toro.


  • The only rooms in the house shown are the living room, the kitchen, and Nina's bedroom.

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