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Isabella is a minor character in Ferdinand.


She is a civilian who has a baby daughter. She is first seen trying to get an animal balloon that her daughter will like. However, her daughter cries as Isabella gives her a yellow balloon, then a pink balloon. She doesn't notice that Ferdinand, who was peeking through the balloons at the time, is making silly faces at her daughter who is laughing in joy. When her daughter cries again upon seeing more balloons, Ferdinand leaves so he doesn't get caught.

Later, when Ferdinand is unintentionally causing chaos after being stung by a bee, her daughter is happily laughing while riding on a streamer, Isabella thinks that Ferdinand is trying to eat her as she screams in horror, while not realizing that Ferdinand is trying to save her child. After Ferdinand saves her daughter by getting her to land in the stroller safely, Isbella runs to her daughter while she is in the stroller.



She has pale skin and black hair. She wears a blue short sleeve shirt and light pants.


Her daughter



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