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Shoo! Shoo-shoo! Go on, stinky one. Have a nice day smelling terrible!
  —Hans, to Ferdinand [src]  

Hans is an Austrian Lipizzan stallion in Ferdinand who is friends with Greta and Klaus.

He is voiced by Flula Borg.

Physical Appearance

Hans' whole body

Hans is a Lipizzan stallion with a shiny grey coat and a white mane that is styled with a lock of wavy bangs. He has a slender snout, a darker muzzle and hazel eyes. He appears to have slight discoloration under his belly, with patches of slightly lighter fur. Often seen with arched brows, he has a somewhat smug look. Unlike Klaus, Hans has a smaller, more lithe stature.


You see, this is the beautiful horsey side, and that is the stinky bull side. Beautiful horses stay here, and you ugly beasts stay there.
  —Hans insulting Ferdinand [src]  

Alongside Klaus and Greta, Hans is very narcissistic and has a somewhat arrogant and elitist view of his own breed and looks down on other animal species. He openly insults them and uses rude, derogatory terms, while flaunting his own appearance. And he is also known as haughty, aggravating, narcissistic, shrewd, harsh, assertive, narrow-minded and snarky. His voice actor, Flula Borg, even calls him "trashes-talking". [1]

It can be inferred that he is the leader, or more dominant figure, of the horses as the duo follows his actions and side with him constantly. In addition, he is more aggressive and a bigger loudmouth than the rest.


Meeting Ferdinand




Ferdinand (character)

Memorable Quotes

This is the beautiful horsey side, and said is the stinky bull side. Have a nice day smelling terrible. High hooves, Klaus! High hooves, Greta!
  —Hans, to Ferdinand [src]  
I bet his parents were't even related.
  —Hans about Ferdinand [src]  


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  • It is shown in the DVD short "Confessions of a Bull-loving Horse" that he dreams of being a magazine star and that Lupe is his agent.


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