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Ferdinand: Original Motion Picture Score is the official orchestra score for Ferdinand composed by John Powell.

Official Description

La-La Land Records, 5 Cat Studios, 20th Century Fox, Fox Music and Blue Sky Studios present the original motion picture score to the feature film FERDINAND, starring Kate McKinnon, Bobby Cannavale and David Tennant, and directed by Carlos Saldanha. Acclaimed composer John Powell (HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, THE LORAX, RIO, KUNG FU PANDA) unleashes a wondrous orchestral score that expertly harnesses all the joy and adventure within this blockbuster classic tale of a captured bull with a big heart, who is determined to return to his family. Produced by John Powell and Batu Sener, and mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, this CD release is an astounding listen. Art design is by Dan Goldwasser. [1]


The score was composed and produced by John Powell and Batu Sener, mastered by Patricia Sullivan and its albumn cover was designed by Dan Goldwasser.[1]

The score's live recording session took 5 days [2], and the overdubs took at least 2 weeks [3]

Track Listing

No. Name                                                                                                     Length
1 Bees and Bulls 2:34
2 Selection Process 2:02
3 Father and Son 2:06
4 Finding Home 5:27
5 A New Day 2:54
6 Flower Festival 4:46
7 There's Been a Mistake 2:26
8 Lupe and Ferdinand 2:24
9 Lipizzaners and Ferraris 2:50
10 Ferdinand and Nina 3:24
11 Bull Olympics 3:43
12 Sunsets in the Training Yard 3:13
13 Escape from "The Spa" 3:23
14 Highway Chase 3:10
15 From Train Station to Arena 4:37
16 Madrid Finale 12:18



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