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You think, welp, at least [I'm] not in a China Shop.
  Ferdinand, before trying to exit the shop [src]  

The China Shop is a retail shop selling chinaware that appears in Ferdinand.


Ferdinand's Visit

Ferdinand balancing several items, trying to get out of the shop.

During the events of Ferdinand, Ferdinand the bull winds up in the shop. He quickly realizes the potential predicament he could end up in in a China Shop, and attempts to inch his way carefully to the exit. Nonetheless, he ends up getting his hoof stuck in a teapot, which leads to a disastrous domino effect and he finds himself stuck balancing ceramics on his head and between his teeth. He turns to face the shop owner, who responds by dusting the plates he's precariously gripping to between his teeth. Ferdinand ends up sneezing causing the owner to fly out of the shop, dropping all the ceramics and crashing a large hole in the glass shop front.

Physical Appearance

The interior of the shop is rather packed and cramp, dominated by selves of chinaware along its wall, multi-tiered tables and racks full of ceramics. Almost every corner, from above the door frame, to on top of cupboards are occupied with products. Towards the entrance, a white sign spelling 'cerámico', Spanish for ceramics is hung.

The shop's façade is made from clear glass with metal window grills that form a grid. The stained glass windows of the shop come in shades of orange and yellow.

Common products include a colorful plethora of ornate pottery, teacups, teapots, wine glasses, plates and saucers. They are stacked rather neatly in piles on tables and various shelves on the walls. In addition, there are well-crafted white chandeliers dangling from the ceiling, presumably made from ceramics too.


An unnamed lady appears to work there. It is unknown if she is the store owner or manager. Her jobs include tidying up the area.


  • Ferdinand's disastrous visit to this shop is a reference to the idiom "A bull in a china shop", which can be used to refer to someone who moves or acts carelessly in a delicate enviroment.
  • According to the voice cast and fans alike, the China shop is the funniest scene in the film.


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