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Casa del Toro, which means 'Home of the Bull' in Spanish, is a training area and a barn for fighting bulls and one of the major locations in Ferdinand. The area is run by Moreno.

Physical Appearance

The Casa del Toro has a large main gate acting as its façade, which consists of an arched frame and metal gates. The gate also has a sign post spelling out "Casa del Toro" and a bull insignia. Within and around the Casa are neatly trimmed plants. After Ferdinand's fight with El Primero, the bull insignia was changed to resemble Ferdinand, while he was refusing to fight and thus he was set free.


Barns and Stables

The Casa is home to a variety of animals and appears to have proper barns and stables for larger animals like bulls and horses.


Casa del Toro appears to be a site for bulls and bullfighters to train as training equipment can be seen in the premises, along with a sand pit where bulls run about similar to that in Plaza de Toros albeit smaller.

Bullfighting Negotiations

El Primero approached Moreno about a bull he could fight at the Plaza in his final fight, thus, it can be assumed that the Casa helps facilitate, plan, and negotiate deals and fights between matadors, the plaza, and bulls, including the one Raf was in.


Road to Plaza de Toros

A Casa del Toro truck driving towards Plaza de Toros

Casa del Toro has its own truck with its name on it, which is used to transport bulls from the training area to the plaza.


  • This was the first location that was shown in the film.

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