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Bones' Father is a minor character in Ferdinand.

Physical Appearance

He is a slender bull with orange fur, unlike his son, and brown eyes. He has wide horns as well as the other bulls, resembling Valiente's father and his son, Valiente (as an adult) in some way.


Little is known about him. He is first seen charging out the barn with the rest of the bulls and fiercely entering the trial ring; fighting against who presumably might be Guapo's father. They both stop when they see Ferdinand's father get picked by a matador.

After that, neither he, Valiente's, nor Guapo's fathers are mentioned or seen during the rest of the movie. It can be assumed that they may might've gotten sent to the chop house later on since neither one had their photographs taken and hung on Moreno's wall in his home along with their horns like Ferdinand's father did after failing to come back from a fight.

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