• Cool Doggy


    Sorry for not being active here, I first want to thank the users that are keeping this wiki alive. I would like to share a thing that I found about Ferdinand. While looking at the concept art of the film, I have noticed that a young man, couple of times appearing alongside with El Primero, appears in three pictures of concept art.

    In my opinion this young man is El Primero's son and in the early version of the film the main focus of the story was on Ferdinand and him. As you can see in the pictures, El Primero looks proud and excited for his son being a bullfighter while the son looks like he really wouldn't like to be one but doesn't wan't to let his father down.

    It could be that at first the son really admires his father and also thinks …

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  • Amanim

    A Sequel

    January 22, 2019 by Amanim

    I was wondering if this franchise will ever have a sequel. The first film is really good and I was sad that it only got like 1 or 2 awards. I mean seriously Sing is getting a sequel, even the other movie call The Secret Life of Pets is getting a sequel. So why not this film? I mean what's not to love about this franchise. Ok sure Disney made a short that is base off the book. While there is a mobile game base off of the film, and mechanist.

    So when do you think the sequel will be made or even released? Including what ideas you guys have that will probably be good for the sequel?

    Please leave a comment after reading this.

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  • Amanim

    I just want to know what are your favorite songs from the soundtrack. I mean like the ones you listen to the most. Anyway here are my favorite songs:

    • Home
    • A New Day
    • Flower Festival
    • There's Been a Mistake
    • Lay Your Head On Me
    • Watch Me
    • I Know You Want Me
    • Macarena
    • Home (Film version)
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  • Amanim

    This is like my previous blog, but it has to do with the topic of your least favorite characters. I mean there are characters that we hate. It's like the saying; "you hate the character but you grow to love them". Well anyway I have a few least favorite characters and there are reasons why I hate them.

    So my question is who are your least favorite characters? And what I mean is your top 5 least favorite characters, and the reason why?

    Well here are my top 5 least favorite characters and why:

    1. Valiente (Just because you think your the greatest doesn't mean you have to bully everyone, and seriously try to not be arrogant about it)
    2. Klaus (Another arrogant character that thinks his species is better than everyone. It makes me sick thinking he ca…
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  • Amanim

    I really enjoy the Ferdinand film! I also like how some characters are developed and have great motives. There are some characters that have great personalities as well. While there are some comedic characters that are funny, and minor characters that don't appear too much!

    So my question is who are your favorite characters? And what I mean is your top 10 favorite characters, and the reason why.

    Well here are my top 10 favorite characters and why:

    1. Ferdinand (Because he is a true pacifist, and enjoys a normal life without having to fight all the time)
    2. Paco (Because he cares about Ferdinand even though he doesn't want to admit it, and likes to be sarcastic)
    3. Nina (She is like Ferdinand but has a mischievous side as well)
    4. Lupe (She looks out fo…
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  • Amanim

    Ok I wrote a previous blog thinking what Nina probably went through after Ferdinand got captured during the flower festival. So I thought what went through Paco's mind after seeing Ferdinand get taken away by the police and how he felt for two days not seeing Ferdinand.

    • He was sad as he told Ferdinand it was a bad idea for him to come to the event in the first place.
    • He probably slept in the barn after Ferdinand was taken away.
    • He probably felt that it was his fault for not distracting the police too much.
    • He probably felt that all the other animals on the barn afterwards was also sad that Ferdinand got captured.
    • He probably spoke to Jorge and Maria by reassuring them that Ferdinand will come back.
    • He also wonders how Nina is doing since the inc…
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  • Amanim

    I always wonder what Nina did after Ferdinand got captured during the flower festival. I know there are some scenes of her looking at the crook tree, but that's all I know about how much she misses Ferdinand.

    So here's my ideas for what I think happen afterwards:

    • She could have begged the police by asking them where they are taking Ferdinand.
    • She could have begged her father to go find where Ferdinand is staying at.
    • She could have ask Paco to track Ferdinand's scent so they can find him a lot faster.
    • She could have put wanted posters up asking civilians if they have seen Ferdinand in different parts of Spain.
    • She could have asked the China Shop lady if she saw Ferdinand after he had accidentally destroyed her shop.

    Well that's all I can come up w…

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  • Amanim

    I like watching the Ferdinand movie just for the joy of laughter and seeing friendship being brought out in the characters. So what would you guys like to see if Ferdinand had it's own tv show. Would you guys watch the show if it takes place after the first film, or if it took place after a sequel?

    Another question is would you watch the show if the animation was like how it was shown in the movie?

    Including if you would watch the show if the character voices were done by the cast that did them in the movie?

    Also what ideas would you have for your top 5 or 10 favorite characters? Including what ideas would you have for minor characters that weren't shown in the movie?

    My Top 10 favorite characters are: Ferdinand, Paco, Nina, Lupe, Bones, Bunny…

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  • Amanim

    Why I like Ferdinand

    January 6, 2019 by Amanim

    There are lots of reasons why I like Ferdinand. Well I like the film, but I just want to talk about the character himself. Just to let you guys and girls know that I write positive things about a cartoon character. I don't speak negative about the animation industry.

    Ok here I go, and here are my reasons why I like Ferdinand the most:

    1. I like that he is a pacifist.
    2. I love how he wants to be brothers with Paco.
    3. I like how he keeps an eye on Maria and the rooster!
    4. I just love how he cares about Nina.
    5. I like how he loves dancing and taking care of flowers.
    6. I like how he talks to Bones and Angus.
    7. I really love how he saves others when they are in danger.
    8. I like how he lives on a farm.
    9. I like how he did CPR on the bunny, even th…
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  • Olivier Baghdadi

    Ferdinand reminds me of quite a few characters from different stories and media that you can't imagine how similar they sound. Here goes:

    Both are characters laughed at by their own kind for being different until they prove them wrong using their own uniqueness that leads them to fame and glory in the end. They lose a single parent somehow and have friends who support them along the way as well.

    Both are characters laughed at by their own kind for being different since childhood until they prove them wrong using their own uniqueness that leads them to fame and glory in the end. They have friends who support them along the way as well.

    Both are characters that do things that their own kind hardly do; much to the confusion of humans, befriend h…

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  • Olivier Baghdadi

    Seeing Ferdinand again made me realize some similarities between Blue Sky's Bones and Guapo and Disney's Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King franchise only 2 nights ago.

    You might say that Bones and Guapo are Timon and Pumbaa if they were turned into bulls or they are their bull versions/counterparts as well.

    Bones and Timon:

    - Smarter than their friends

    - Smaller and skinnier

    - Colored yellow and have red hair

    - Like making wisecracks

    Guapo and Pumbaa:

    - Simply a bit naive and cowardly

    - Bigger and fatter

    - Colored brown and have black hair

    - Have disgusting habits when it comes to anxiety. (Pumbaa, farting; Guapo, puking)

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  • Olivier Baghdadi

    Ever since Ferdinand, not only have I thought up a sequel, but somehow I've been thinking of a series either called Ferd Troop or Bull Troop (a spoof on Disney's Goof Troop) featuring all the characters from the original movie including the cows and calves I mentioned in my latest blog in a hope-to-be-made sequel with a possible intro similar in lyrics to the Goof Troop theme song.

    Here is a list of characters and episodes I've been thinking of up till now. I haven't thought of many but those are just the beginning. So far, that's all for now. More will come sooner or later.

    The first season episodes take place after the movie while the ones in the second season take place after the supposed sequel.

    Here goes:

    Ferdinand (voiced by John Cena): a big, b…

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  • Olivier Baghdadi

    Now, I haven't exactly thought up of a full script or story for my own sequel version to the movie, Ferdinand but I have been thinking of a few segments in a hope-to-be-produced sequel(s).

    Here goes:

    1)Sometime after Tres' unexpected return in the movie credits, scenes include the origin of his "death" in a flashback at some point in the story.

    2)The story probably revolves over Ferdinand and the gang (mostly the bulls) (possibly looking for love in their lives; especially Ferdinand)

    3)A small traveling circus show owned by a cruel ringmaster featuring 6 beautiful "singing and dancing" cows as the main attraction arrives in town; named: Elena, Valentina, Julieta, Zoe, Emily, and Catalina. While the humans watch the show in their seats, Ferdinand…

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  • Cool Doggy

    Do you think this wiki should be just about the movie or also about the book (The Story of Ferdinand by Munfro Leaf) , like How to Train Your Dragon Wiki is about the book and the film.

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  • Olivier Baghdadi

    Hello, fellow contributors of the Ferdinand Wiki. Recently, I've been going through a Ferdinand phase (watching Ferdinand almost every single day of my life for a week or so). During that time, I thought I'd imagine my own scene in the movie featuring what Ferdinand's friends were doing after Ferdinand was captured by Moreno and his men, during his transportation to the arena, and during his fight against El Primero in Madrid.

    Here goes:

    After Ferdinand is captured by Moreno and his men with Lupe joining him as well then taken to the arena to fight El Primero, his friends: Valiente, Bones, Guapo, Angus, Maquina, Una, Dos, Cuatro, and the Bunny are still riding on the cart they connected the train to headed for Seville. Though happy to be free, t…

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  • Cstoczyn


    December 7, 2017 by Cstoczyn

    Hi, What's Up? Cstoczyn (talk) 11:06, December 7, 2017 (UTC)

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