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The Bee is a minor character in Ferdinand. Despite only appearing in two scenes, it plays an important part as it is responsible for most of the film's events.


The bee looks like a regular bumblebee. It has wings, black and yellow stripes on its body, an antenna, and brownish eyes.


The Bee is shown to be kind, although it gets frustrated when things like a passing truck or Ferdinand himself interrupt it from collecting pollen.


The bee appears once at the start of the film where it is shown collecting pollen from a flower, before being blown away by a truck as it drives toward Casa del Toro.

The bee appears later in the film, when a now grown-up Ferdinand is wandering through a flower festival despite not being allowed to go. He is shown sniffing at some roses that he finds before the bee flies onto them, after which Ferdinand lets him stay there. Later, when Ferdinand is trying to get to his owner, Nina, he accidentally knocks over the pot that the bee is on. He ends up landing on it, and it stings him, sending him into a fit of rage from the pain. A dizzy Bee hovers in the air while watching Ferdinand running away and roaring in pain, and isn’t seen again after that.